Turner revisited “Blair Athol” Mixed media

This is a copy of a Scottish scene by my favourite artist. The idea was taken from

“The Artistic Anatomy of Trees” by Rex Vicat Cole

I did this to try to make sense of the dark masses created by the trees in the background

This book contains over 500 illustrations but some of them are not reproduced well and its hard to make out some details. I looked at this scene, on line, and got a more legible one. I was surprised to see that the one I worked from had the angler wearing a kilt while the book’s one has the angler in waders or trousers. The explanation seems to be that Turner painted the scene in 1808 – this has the angler in trousers, while “William Say” engraved a copy in 1811 and shows the angler in a kilt. To join in this merriment/artistic licence I have tried to depict a more modern angler.