Covered Bridge – Watercolour on Tinted Rough Bockingford Paper

From an old book by Eric Sloane who describes the way people lived in the early days of the USA. A lot to take note of in this scene. The way the cladding the bridge is from vertically placed boards which are nailed in place. These could be easily replaced. The cover over the deck – not to only keep out snow but all types of weather. This roof will extend the life of the structure tenfold. The bridge is obviously built as an arch to resist failure. The green algae on the roof shows that things can get pretty damp here. The bridge is high enough to stop debris being washed into it by flash floods. This is a narrow gorge which will channel water quickly. The original painting shows people fishing with rods. I find this strange as this is an inefficient way to collect food and I wonder if there was time for actual “sport”. Oh dear – I’m rambling but it goes to show how much information is out there if you look.

The Seasons of America past – Eric Sloane