Rocks at South Queensferry – Watercolour

I have spent the best part of a week trying to paint rocks. You might think such basic things would be easy but I have found out otherwise. Lots more practise is needed, (and patience).

This scene, which is part of a larger painting, is on the beach next to the Forth Rail Bridge at South Queensferry on the east coast of Scotland. Its quite a barren and rocky place with loads of shapes to tease. The romantic in me realises that these boulders will probably have witnessed, among other things:

One of the furthest north settlements, by the Roman army, as early as the 1st century.

Queen Margaret, in the 11th century, crossing the Forth at this point on her way to build Dunfermline Abbey

The surrender of the German High Seas fleet in 1918 which steamed past this point and later headed to Scapa Flow where it scuttled itself.

The first air raid of WW2, September 1939, when Luftwaffe aircraft tried to sink ships next to the bridge.

Aye, if only these stones could talk.