What? – Inktense and pencil

I “borrowed” this image from the internet as I am no cartoonist – apologies to the owner


The UK government (mainly Conservative) has announced that it wishes to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol in order to stop binge drinking by some members of society. Fair enough but the same political party, in the devolved Scottish government, proposed the same thing and was defeated the first time, mainly due to the efforts of the Scottish Conservatives who seem to vote against anything the incumbent SNP propose. Now, guess what? They have changed their minds after the London announcement. Such is the heated nature of politics at the present time in our country. It would appear that politicians would vote black was white if it suited them. I wonder what will be the next proposal. My wee mouse is getting very worried. What if the government proposed a minimum price for cheese?

This is my entry for this month’s Challenge. Better late than never. It would be great if more folks could post an effort to support the work Steph is doing


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