Fire Escape – Watercolour and Inktense

During our trip to NYC I took hundreds of photos of different parts of building, types of vehicles, street furniture, whatever the idea being to have a reference library for future paintings. This was one structure that caught my eye. I have seen this type of fire escape before, but only in films. I find it fascinating to see how an escape route passes all the windows of the building but access, from ground level, can only be had if the sliding “ladder” can be lowered. I wonder if its mandatory to have such a structure on all high buildings? This place looks relatively new and maybe older places are exempt. The other thing which caught my eye was the use of brick to face the wall which, paradoxically, suggests this place is not as “young” as I imagine. The pattern of bricks, as described in my previous post, is called an “American Bond” which is a few courses of bricks with their faces running, intersected by a single course with the ends running. Because the bricks shown are too small for detail its impossible to get these illustrated and I hope that, with the previous post, you will get some idea of the scene.