Vandalised Tree #2 – Watercolour

In my previous post I suggested that small trees, in the gardens of local houses, were being wrongly pruned. It would appear that the same goes for well-established ones.

This is a huge beech which is shown next to the A71 – one of the main arterial routes into Edinburgh. I pass this way almost daily and this scene was created from a photograph taken recently in early December. You can see that the left hand branches have been lopped off in order to allow traffic to pass underneath. This has been going on for years and is not confined to this particular tree. I confess that I do not have any other solution to this as the tree seemed to be encroaching on the vehicles. After all, the road cannot be moved. What is appalling is that the bear minimum of boughs have been removed leaving the tree totally unbalanced. Presumably it would have been too costly to remove timber on the right hand side. Shortly after this photograph was taken we had a severe storm which videoed:

Even this was not enough to cause it some damage but, in January, another, stronger gale caused widespread damage. The tree is no longer here having succumbed. It would probably have survived if years of “asymmetric pruning” had not taken place. Rather sad!