Vandalised Tree #1 – Watercolour

This is a local street on a frosty morning but the idea is not to show you a clear, crisp vista.
When these houses were built, around 35 years ago, trees were strategically planted. Now, some time later they are becoming too large and attempts are being made to cut the upper branches down to size. Residents hire people to do this but one wonders if these people are properly qualified as the trend seems to be to butcher all the upper branches when individual ones should have been tackled instead. The tree, far left was at least double this height while the one, in the centre not quite so. The left hand tree will become unstable and dangerous while the other is starting to push fresh growth across the roadway and will require attention in the near future. I wish folks would ask potential “tree surgeons” for proof of their competence – there are qualifications obtainable in Scotland. Maybe the original builders should have chosen their tree species with more consideration. Its not just amateurs who leave trees looking like this and my next post will attempt to show the result of some “officially organised vandalism”