Another Pentland sunrise – Watercolour

I’ve posted this, not just to show more sunrise colour but to explain a wee bit of how these hills effect Edinburgh’s weather.

This view is looking south with the east side of the range of hills coming to an abrupt end. In fact this area is called “Hillend”. The white area, to the right of the summits is the Hillend Dry Ski Slope. Its near here that I learned to snow and ice climb in the 1960′s but am too old, or wise, to attempt this now.,

Edinburgh lies behind the viewer and weather, coming from the west (and from the Atlantic Ocean) will be channelled by these hills which can bring mild yet wet conditions. If north or east winds blow then the same hills can act as a barrier and direct snow towards the city while south winds will shelter it. At the moment there is very cold weather over much of Europe caused by high pressure blocking westerly flows. If this persists then the moist air will meet the cold, easterly, continental air and we will get snow. This is already happening as the tops of the Pentlands are white but this weekend might just see our first real winter weather. Its cold enough, with today’s temperature around -4C all day after night time levels of -8C. It could get to -10C tonight but this is nothing like the frigid conditions Easter Europe is enduring at the moment.

Maybe our skiers will be able to dispense with the artificial slopes after tomorrow