Central Park – Watercolour

Had to include this as its part of the USA trip and has inspired me to try to depict rocks and tone textures in a better way.

This is from my travel journal dated 1st October 2011

Our first port of call, this day, was a walk in Central Park. Its hard to imagine how large this is as we seemed to skirt along one edge of it. The first thing I noticed was some evidence of exposed ancient bedrock. I’ve seen this, on TV programmes before, and it was fascinating to be there in person. This mica – schist is similar to some of the very old rocks found in Scotland. It is said that Scotland was once, millions of years ago, connected to the land that became North America before we separated and drifted apart the larger part heading west and us colliding with what, became, England. The surface shows evidence of glaciation and the mica sparkles in sunlight.

Must return one day if only to see if I can make a better job of painting the rocks.