A Night’s drinking with Friends – Inktense

Its a strange thing but most folks in Wisconsin seem to be owned by dogs. John and family are no exception, in this case Rusty or, to give him his Sunday name – “The Rustman”.

One night, during our visit, I sat on the porch having a conversation with this wise old fellow. I recall he seemed to be in a sombre mood and I asked him why. “Best to have a drink first, “he replied, so I got him some of his special stuff from a secret place in the kitchen and set a bowl before him. After a while, he became more affable and confided in me that he was rather upset at the way the country was going. He bemoaned the fact that there was great financial hardship both in the USA and in other places, such as the UK. What seemed to annoy him most, however, was that no one had asked him for his opinion. “Do you have solutions to this mess?” I asked. “Of course, “ was his answer and, delighted that he could at last engage in a proper conversation, proceeded to give answers. We talked well into the night, enjoying more than a “wee dram” and eventually, as I was looking the worse for wear, he sent me to bed. Horror, of course, because I couldn’t remember a thing the next day so the world will continue to suffer economically. No point in asking him to repeat his solutions. The Rustman is a proud fellow and would be insulted if he thought I had not been listening.

PS This is not quite like the Rustman. In real life, he is far better looking – he told me to say that!