Introducing Daffy, the Dumpster Diver – Watercolour and Ink

This month’s Challenge – One man’s trash is another man’s ….

You will need patience to understand my twisted logic for this month’s challenge.

I used to work beside a guy who was forever recycling stuff and rescuing materials from dumpsters. We call dumpsters “skips” in the UK and people, like my colleague, are known as “skippers”. I decided on this cartoon theme, for the challenge, but couldn’t get anything to gel with “skip”. I then remembered they are called Dumpsters in north America so the “D” went well with Daffy Duck. I also came across the charming expression, “Dumpster Diver”. I had to find out how to draw him but, when I googled “How to draw…..” I came across techniques for all my childhood favourites including the best, Bugs Bunny. It was only a short step to have this crazy duck, sitting in rubbish with Bugs gesticulating.

My former colleague was a really nice guy and I won’t embarrass him by telling you Ian Brown’s name. One day my workshop technician spent ages tidying up his preparation room, sweeping into corners etc. as well as putting tons of scrap wood into the skip. The next day, all the material was piled at the rear entrance to the department. The “Skipper” had been busy. He called in later to tell us that “Someone has flung out all this wood. I though you might be interested”. He escaped, barely alive.