The Corn is turning – Watercolour

This is not in a Moleskine as it measures 14” x 21”. Is shows the scene from the top of our street, looking north towards Fife.

After a dreary and very wet June and July, summer seems to have arrived at last with some lovely sunny days and temperatures in the mid 20s C. The local farmers must be delighted as the cereal crops have suddenly turned from green to yellow and harvesting is beginning earnest. Its good to know that the bad weather hasn’t damaged too much and that all their efforts seem to have been worthwhile. One downside, at harvest time, is the emergence of tiny “Thrips” or “Harvest Lice” as they are locally known. These minuscule insects descend like clouds of dust and are very annoying. They get everywhere, even behind the glass in picture frames. Fortunately this doesn’t last long and anyway, more rain is forecast in a week which will put paid to this annual invasion. One good thing, which is more noticeable, is that many grass verges are being allowed to grow a bit wilder. A few years ago, there was an insane need to cut back any vegetation at the road side. Now areas of wild-flowers are beginning to emerge, such as the Rose Bay Willow Herb shown in the foreground. There must also be many mice and voles as we have noticed many more buzzards, owls and kestrels lately.