People Watching – Watercolour

One of the nice things about being a retired person is there is no need to hurry things. In order to practise for out New York trip I went into Edinburgh, yesterday, to sketch a few crowd scenes as I understand there are masses of folks in USA cities and drawings look incomplete without people in them.

My interest was quickly distracted, however, when I observed the behaviour of people at pedestrian crossings. Most stand and wait until the lights give permission to cross but its not always like that. What happens is reminiscent of the famous wildlife film where wildebeests attempt to cross crocodile infested rivers. The herd waits until one gets too impatient then dashes into the stream. The others, seeing this, follow en mass e and dash across regardless of the danger from the crocodiles. Its a bit like this at Edinburgh crossings. Despite having a red light against them, one person always makes a dash. Others, seemingly thinking its safe, follow and soon the “herd” is on the move” The crocodiles (cars, buses etc) get entangled with the herd and naughty words and other sounds are exchanged. Mothers drag their offspring both into the path of predators and away from them. It is chaotic yet fascinating. None of the herd is hurt this time and everything quietens down until a new herd of “wildebeests” start to gather at the side of the “river”. I wonder if there are laws against jaywalking in NYC?

Again, a rather faint scan as I still haven’t figured this computer out properly.