Just like Rob Carey’s post – Watercolour

When I commented on Rob’s post of the 12th July I said
“I wonder how many dads have similar pictures of their boys fishing? I certainly have. A good one to keep, Rob”
This got me thinking and I looked through old sketchbooks and journals. This sketch, Rob, was done while on holiday near Portsoy on the North East coast of Scotland. This sketch was done at 11.30pm on Sunday 12th July 1987 (I think I have improved a wee bit since then). According to my journal my eldest son, John and I tramped around the local cliffs for an hour before finding a rocky spot near the harbour.

“We caught nine small coalfish and John was delighted having landed his first fish which he had to take back to the hotel to show his mother.”

These memories are good to revisit, Rob, so store that nice wee sketch away and look at it now and then.