Carrbridge – Watercolour

Another bridge for you all. This is the oldest stone bridge in the Scottish Highlands. It is in the village of the same name and lies about 6 miles north of Aviemore at the entrance to The Cairngorm National Park. I painted this to compare with my previous post – I have bridges on the brain at the moment. This, of course is a stone arch structure and relies upon the downward pressure, from the arch transferring the load to the abutment at the ends – in this case the massive rocks at the side of the river. This bridge, which was completed in 1717, is remarkable for its shape. Its arch is a true circle giving it a height which looks very fragile. Its parapets have collapsed over the years and only the upper-right hand section remains above the deck. Much of the upper-works were destroyed in the “Muckle Spate” – the great flood of 1892. It is amazing that anything is left standing.