1) Mac – only for commercial stuff
2) Coffee – despite I am Italian I like black coffee
3) A5 wacom tablet – only for commercial stuff
4) Remo, my cat – he loves jumping. walking and sleeping and on my desk
5) Stadler Mechanical Pencil
6) Pelikan fonuntain pen “fine nib” – I use it for writing or for loose sketches
7) Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. These are the most important tools, I use them to sketch and for the final commercial artworks
8) Pentel brush pen – I used it for cartooning, loose drawings, comics or to fill black areas.
9) Technical Pens – I use them when I need a steady line, they give you a constant thickness, ideals for textures or very detailed drawings
10) Fifì, my cat – he love sleeping on my desktop chair
11) sorry for my English ; )