1 dead and 14 wounded, that was the toll of a severe accident on the A2 motorway in the Netherlands, last Tuesday.
A beer truck drove into a military troopers transport truck, whose driver was giving medical attention to an earlier accident. It happened some 200 meters ahead from where I was, and I stood in the traffic jam for some time. When I saw dozens of ambulances and firetrucks speeding by, I knew it was serious.
After a while I managed to leave the motorway by crossing some lawns and I found my way through small roads to the next access ahead. Just when I entered the motorway again another accident happened in the opposite direction: in front of my eyes a car hit the oncoming traffic jam, was launched and spun around in mid air.
I stopped at the next gasstation and drew what I just had seen (the second accident); I can still recall the scene quite vividly.