A safer way to fly? – Watercolour and ink

This small dragon flies above my desk in my small studio. I call him Fred, after Fiery Fred Truman the late fast England cricketer who was one of the fastest bowlers of his day. After many trials and tribulations Fred has set up permanent residence here. Fred swings from the ceiling and keeps me company as I work in this small room. He points in different directions depending on the outside weather conditions. We discuss many things . It was his idea that I should fly on holiday, but he regrets he is getting too old to support me. What a pity. We could have flown with built in central heating. Fred had an awful life before being rescued by a snowy haired wise old man who helped him emigrate to Scotland. He would like, however, to learn how things are with him but has decided to remain here while I visit.

Well, time has passed the journey’s made, the dragon’s life’s improved.
And to this day, the people say
“The beastie hovers, night and day”
Upstairs in Bob’s wee room.

From a poem celebrating Fred’s arrival in Scotland.

(It gets lonely in Scotland sometimes, especially during the bad weather – which is often)