Typical Children’s Gala Weather – Watercolour and coloured pencils

There are may “Galas”, or “Fairs/Parades” at this time of the year. Some traditional ones celebrate local industries such as “The Miners’ Gala” in nearby Broxburn – a past mining community. In our wee village the event revolves around the local children. The “Queen” is chosen from the upper year in the primary school and she is escorted by many “Maids of Honour and Male Servants” all decked out in their finery. Most year groups participate and the event starts with a parade followed by the crowning of the queen and shows, stalls, races etc. This year’s theme was based on the “Wild West” as the enclosed photo shows – a sort of “Surrey with the fringe on top” .

Preparing for Ratho's Gala

This was photographed early in the day, on Saturday – Gala Day. The weather , however, broke down as my scene tries to show and you have to feel sorry for all of those who took trouble to be creative as this. Maybe next year will be warmer and sunnier. Mind you, not everyone is overjoyed at having to participate as this one of my second eldest – from some years ago, shows. Ewan is third from the right in a line of cub scouts. He He (I am dead for posting this)

Ratho Gala 20th June 1987