An unusual view – Watercolour

This is the view from inside Edinburgh’s City Art Centre where a great exhibition of Scottish art is currently taking place.

Although, as in most cases, photography is not allowed in exhibitions I quickly sketched the view from the stairs which connect the four floors in this building. Some of this, therefore, might not be true. You should be able to make out North Bridge, The Balmoral Hotel and the new developments at the junction of the Bridges with Princes street – where Register House lies. Right at the front is the glass roof of Waverley Railway Station.
Incidentally the exhibition was great as there are many sea scenes (see my previous post) It contains one of my favourite works

The Port of Leith – Alexander Nasmyth

Its the sort of sea scene which I can stare at forever. It reminds me of

The Cannon Shot by Willem van de Velde the Younger.

which I was lucky enough to see on a visit to Amsterdam some years ago.