Newhaven Harbour – Watercolour

We visited here on Tuesday to stock up with fish from the best fishmonger I know of. He sells produce straight off the boats and its good value. We now have enough for ten meals for the pair of us. Should last a couple of weeks, maybe!

Newhaven Harbour is typical of the old style of fishing port. There are still many such places around the coast but these are mainly used for pleasure craft these days. It was good to see an old friend moored here. This traditional vessel was commissioned in the 1920,s and is still going strong. Sailing them, while actually trying to haul nets, must have been very hard work and dangerous too. Reminds me of some of the many sailing tragedies which have taken place in our waters such as this one, remembered in this traditional song about a great gale in 1889. Eight vessels, such as the one in the picture, were lost from Grimsby and Hull with around 70 seamen missing.

October’s night brought such a sight, ’twas never seen before
There was masts and yards and broken spars come washed up on the shore
There was many a heart of sorrow, there was many a heart so brave
There was many a fine and hearty lad to find the watery grave

Many renderings are on the internet. This is the version, by the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, which I heard first many years ago. I only gave this old Vinyl LP away recently when my old turntable made way for newer technology.