Glamis Castle (pronounced “Glams”) – Watercolour

Another type of building, much of which seems, in my opinion, really out of place.

This modest pile shows how the rich live. It was the childhood home to the late queen mother. Further back, in time, the place also hosted notables such as James 11 of England It the mists of time, castles were built as defensive places to shelter against attack. The local clan workers would be safe inside such structures until invading forces could be beaten off or until attackers gave up laying siege to the place. In return, for this shelter, the clan chiefs could “rely” on local help when they decided to do the attacking on others. Around the start of the 18th century and beyond, especially after vast areas were cleared of people to make way for sheep farming (The Clearances) however, many of our “castles” became prestige show-pieces of the clan chiefs or the rich and the structures were greatly embellished. In this case, what was a large “keep” had turrets and battlements added – in this case the end of the 17th century. It seems as if the inspiration is based upon French architecture; many châteaus looking similar. These additions, as can be imagined, would give no resistance to enemy forces and were merely added as symbols of wealth. In other words they are useless structures – oh no, here he goes again :)