The promise of the day – Watercolour

The title of this is from a Scots song “The Uist Tramping Song” Uist being a Hebridean island

So gaily sings the lark and the sky is awake,
With the promise of the day for the road we gladly take.
So its heel and toe and forward singing fairwell to the town,
And the welcome that awaits us e’er the sun goes down.

I’ve used this to illustrate how the new day starts here by often displaying vivid colours towards the east as, hopefully, shown. The scene shows Cramond Island, in the middle of the Firth of Forth and to the north of Edinburgh. In the background is Leith which used to be a town in its own right but has been part of the Capital since the 1930′s. Like many sea/dockland areas, Leith was pretty run down until massive new developments began to take place about ten years ago. It is hoped that it will become of the show-pieces on the east of the country. The viewpoint is Hound Point, a promontory jutting out into the firth where tankers discharge crude for the huge refinery further up the river at Grangemouth.