I have been without internet or power since April 27th. If you have not heard, the Southeastern United States was hit with devastating tornadoes on the evening of April 27th 2011. There were 312 estimated tornadoes which took the lives of more than 350 people. In my state of Alabama there were over 150 tornadoes alone killing 255 people.

One of the tornadoes touched down about 8 houses away from ours. Luckily our house was spared. The only thing we lost was our trampoline and a section of fence which I had fixed by the next morning. Our family was very lucky but others were not. My heart and prayers goes out to those suffering much more than I can imagine.

Our sister cities Huntsville and Madison have been slowly regaining power. The reason for the massive power outage was that the Tennessee Valley Authority lost every single transmission line leaving more than 600,000 without power. This however is only a minor inconvenience to those of us who have survived. Full power to the two cities is estimated to return in the middle of next week. Again I feel lucky we were only out of power for 4 and a half days.

This is a drawing I made a couple days after the storm while waiting to visit with family in the area who were also lucky to have survived.