Well this is my submitted image for the April Challenge.

The Text says:
… Your greatest challenge!
Well, what exactly is or was my greatest challenge? I suppose it is the constant struggle to maintain my hues and their saturation. Society, business, social standards, widely agreed codes of conduct, family, friends, love… all demand certain behaviour, dress codes, ways to speak and ways to act. They all demand to adapt and act conforming to what is believed to be normal. This constant adaption however is somewhat desaturating my hues, all those colours that make me what I am. I don’t agree with this system as who is the system demanding to adapt to their beliefs and codes? I don’t belong here at least it feels like it sometimes. I struggle with the constant desaturation fighting against the grey of normal or the shades of boredom. I don’t want to let my personal hues drip and drop out of my ears leaving only shades of grey. No I am constantly fighting to stay as colorful as possible – however it is a demanding challenge to remain your colours without offending those you love, you work with, your business partners and so on. But then – that’s just the way life is and how it works. Adaption without losing your hues, your shades of green, yellow, red, blue, punk, orange, violet the whole spectrum of personality.