Ruined Cottages – Pastel and Charcoal

This uses the same techniques as described in my previous post with some exceptions. The variations in tone were obtained by watering the “slurry”pastel mix with different amounts of water or by overworking with a glaze of the same density of mix. The last stage is handy towards the end of a section – such as a wall, as going over the whole area, with a thin dark coat, seems to tie all the bricks and stonework together. The white highlights were removed last using a small electric eraser which is great for pin-prick precision. You can see these down the side of the fence posts, on some of the stone walls and in the trees.

This scene was captured during John’s visit to Scotland in January. The cottages, in question, are old farm buildings and lie at the foot of the Pentland Hills where we walked one sunny afternoon.