Blanco Canyon – Sennelier “Burnt Sienna” ink with some Watercolour

An exhibition in January, which was at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, displayed many drawings of past French masters.

Poussin to Seurat – French Drawings from the National Galleries of Scotland

This was enthralling to see how fantastic pieces were created using far less sophisticated media than is available to us today. I was particularly impressed with many sketches using pencil and brown ink – reminiscent of some of the wonderful posts Nikira sends us. This is my first attempt using just one type of ink with a wee bit help with watercolours for the sky. The scene is an imagined one, remembered from that great film, “The Big Country”, and, for those old enough is “Blanco Canyon” which is where the film ends.

I first watched this as a small boy many years ago. The theme tune is among my most favourite. Watch this movie trailer – I consider the best part is where Burl Ives invades the posh party