After the storm, evening – Watercolour

The past week, in these parts, has seen terrific gale force winds accompanied by heavy rain. Some parts of Scotland experienced “gusts” of over 120mph. This is the view from North Berwick, late one evening, looking out to sea. North Berwick is about 20 miles to the east of Edinburgh along the coastline. Although the sea looks quite calm now, there was still quite a swell when I sketched this and the waves, braking on shore, were quite lively. In the background is the Bass Rock, over a mile away out in the Firth of Forth, a one-time prison colony for politically minded souls or Covenanters. These days, the only signs of habitation are the lighthouse and around 150,000 gannets making this the largest rock colony, for these birds, in the world. Special permission is needed to land on the rock but the habits of the birds can be monitored, by CCTV or telescope, from the Scottish Seabird Centre near North Berwick Harbour.

Its a good time to stand and watch the power of the sea. There is something quite memorising and soothing about the rhythm of the waves. I used to fish near here and often would forget about casting the line out, preferring just to stand and marvel at the might of the ocean. This area is where the Firth (estuary) of the River Forth joins the North sea and conditions are always changing making spectacular viewing for those interested in all things of a marine nature.