More winter damage – Watercolour

This is another view of the damaged tree I attempted to show in my recent post (Jan 31st). The tree, in that picture, is the one right in the centre of this effort and is the one with the tell-tale, horizontal branch – in this case heading towards the right. The conifer, which I talked about, is lying just beyond this tree and is half in and half out of the River Almond. It will have to be moved as it will trap floating debris as it sweeps down the river, causing even more damage. Its about 30feet tall so I’m glad I don’t have the job of clearing this up. A strange thing occurred as I painted this. I had great difficulty in depicting the fallen tree and had quite a few attempts and much lifting out of paint until I reached this stage. It was almost as if I was showing Almondell Park at, let’s say, “Not its best” and some forces were around to stop me doing this. Sounds daft but it was really weird. Hope I arrived at a happy compromise.