When I was a little boy I got to see a side of women’s world that I did not get to see, well at least for a few years.
With two older sisters and five aunts, my Grandmother’s household (where I spend my 4-5th year of life) was female dominated.
I found their world very strange but fascinating. All that fuss for the hairdo, makeup and dress changes seemed irrational to a five-year old and I dare say if I spend another few life times I would not be any wiser!

I did this drawing with ink and spray can and with some influence from Paula Rego’s work who is one of my favourite artists.
Add the memory of that little boy who could still see these beautiful soft skinned creatures that smelled good in his head and you get this work.

It was a study and I didn’t take details and precision very seriously but I liked the experiment and might come back to this and do a proper painting series from it.