Together we stand
Majid Tavakoli an Iranian student leader who was arrested after a rousing speech at the Tehran “Amir Kabir” University, was forced by the security forces to dress up in women’s Islamic dress and appear in front of cameras.
This action initiated a campaign where in his support Iranian men wore a similar sort of thing took pictures and posted it on the internet.
The Campaign even made it to CNN. There were several things about this act of the secret service, one that they see women as lesser creatures to the point that to humiliate a man they make him look like a woman, secondly this showed their attitude towards Human rights and freedom of speech and thirdly their level of stupidity in destroying any facade of respectability for a so call Islamic regime.
I was very proud to join that campaign, dress up and post a picture. I then drew this picture ( with the help of looking at an anatomy book). It shows three men even in a state of being their skin having been torn off their flesh standing strong. The message in persian “man Moharebam” refers to the label that was given to those who stood up against this regime. Pretty strong stuff, but hey that’s just a normal day for Iranians being passionate. As Omid Jalili says in his one of his comedy sketches “darling shall I cut off my arm to prove my love for you?”