Woman by the window
Whatever happened to the good nosy neighbor? There was a time when people bothered to keep up with their neighbors, but now in big cities like London you’ll be lucky if your neighbors know you or if you can get a Hello out of them in the morning. I blame it on property developers. Couple of decades ago big houses were split up to small houses, and the small houses to flats and flats to studio flats, then you were left with empty match boxes. So moving on from the 80s it wasn’t just the video killing the radio star, it was also the property developer killing the neighborhood stars. I remember when I was a student we had an old Greek Cypriot woman next door and she always baked these lovely olive loaves and used it as an excuse to come up and see what we were up to. Then she moved and we had two big Nigerian girls with the same libido as Caligula move in, between the so many boyfriends, and enough noise and orgasms to knock the first floor down I was offered some dodgy home-made cooking and a joke or was exchanged.