Descending Caerketton Hill, Christmas Eve – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

Caerketton Hill is the most northerly of the Pentland Hills which overlook the south side of Edinburgh. Further along from this part is the Hillend Artificial Ski slope although, with all of our recent snow, there has been no need for “pretendy skiing”. This is my son, Andrew, who is holidaying at home from his work in New Zealand. A couple of friends and he went for a walk in these parts of Christmas Eve. He told me he got down the hill, just after the photo this is copied from was taken, by sliding on his backside. Poor guy! He got an earful from me as this is not recommended practice, being considered dangerous. What a shame. He comes halfway round the world and gets a row from his dad. Well, he is almost 30 years old.