Sunset, Mid-Winter’s Day – Watercolour

It never fails to amaze me how colourful snow is. We are lucky here, near Edinburgh, where the latitude is about 60 degrees. This makes the days, at this time of year, very short but any clouds stand out in the sunset as they are backlit from behind and underneath. The white snow seems to reflect any colour and creates scenes far more interesting than I can depict. This is something like the outlook at the winter solstice as the sun dipped low and another chilly night beckoned. The warmth, however, left by the setting sun made the walk, in the local woods, all that more worthwhile. In theory the days will now lengthen and the promise of spring cannot be far away. First of all there is the joy of the Christmas season which will be all that more delightful as we have our son home from New Zealand for the first time in a couple of years. Whether he enjoys this “fresh” weather as much as I is debatable as he is used to higher temperatures. Happy Christmas everyone.