Baird Road, Ratho – Acrylic on a primed watercolour board

This is a present for the family who stay in the main cottage in the middle of the picture and whose car is buried under the snow where it has lain for a couple of weeks. This might explain the absence of a Moleskine entry but I thought you might like to see more of the place I stay. Besides, I am really proud of our snow (believe that if you will?)

Baird Road is probably the oldest part of Ratho. It is named after the engineer who built the Union Canal which was completed in 1822. This view shows the street after the recent blizzard. at the start of December. Things were just about getting back to normal by this weekend although massive piles of snow are still piled at the side of the road. This will have to be carried away as the road is too narrow to allow this stuff to be left. Since the road forms one of the main access points to the village it is hoped this will be sooner, rather than later. To make matters worse, It started to snow heavily again today adding to the existing heaps of the stuff. Isn’t life wonderful?