Snowy Woodland – Pencil with watercolour washes on a Rough Paper

I chose this paper to exploit the “tooth” to create some texture on the tree bark. After this I added a few light blue and grey washes to give some depth. (Turner was fond of doing this. If you are in Edinburgh in January, please visit the Vaughan bequest of Turner scenes in the National Gallery. Every year this small exhibition takes place and its FREE!!! ).

The scene was copied from a photo I took on November 27th which was the first day it snowed here. There was only 4″ lying then. Little did we all know this would continue for a week and reach about 40″ in parts giving me the opportunity to paint all these seasonal pictures. I’ve also taken lots of photos and some videos – please access my flickr site:

and my You Tube site: (or search the site for BOB17747)

to see where I get some of my material from. Enjoy!