Orcadian Sunset – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

It never really gets too dark around midsummer in the Orkney Islands. This is from a photograph I took some years ago just after Midsummer Day. It is 11.30pm. The building, in the foreground, is the Standing Stones Hotel where we stayed. It is named after one of the many Neolithic features on the Orkney Islands, in this case – the Standing Stones of Stenness. Follow this link and you will see the stones as well as the hotel in the background:


Although my scene looks placid it was a different picture the next day as the wind had risen and there were huge waves on this small loch. It gets very windy in Orkney. We were due to take a small ferry to Sanday later that morning, which is one of the remoter islands. Fortunately the wind dropped and my breakfast stayed down.