Lost – Watercolour in a small Watercolour Moleskine

In Scotland, when we say someone is lost, we mean that their thoughts are in another place. This is our second eldest, Ewan, about to set off for his first day at school. The photograph, this is copied from, is dated 22nd August 1984. Ewan seems to be thinking about Winston Churchill’s quote that:

“It was at “The Little Lodge” I was first menaced with Education. The approach of a sinister figure described as “the Governess” was announced. Her arrival was fixed for a certain day. In order to prepare for this day Mrs. Everest produced a book called Reading Without Tears. It certainly did not justify its title in my case. I was made aware that before the Governess arrived I must be able to read without tears”. – From “My Early Life” – Churchill.

Ewan looks, in the photograph as if he is “menaced with education”. He is fighting to get control of his emotions. I wonder if he holds this against me and is plotting to put me into a home for old people?