Tyrannosaurus studies.
Brown ink; Moleskine sketchbook spread, 261 x 210mm.

(Link for a larger view: http://pics.livejournal.com/himmapaan/pic/000aq198 )

It’s only hackneyed old T. rex, I’m afraid; but as it’s been years since I’ve drawn any dinosaurs, it seemed sensible to me to start back with something ‘easy’. I tried to be resolute in drawing it with its mouth closed, but I gave in eventually. Incidentally, the roaring head, as the last to be drawn, is probably my own favourite of the studies because I’d loosened up much more by then. The others were drawn in a state of slight nervous tension.

Its body could do with being slightly larger and longer. It was a tricky bit of foreshortening which I didn’t quite manage convincingly. The teeth are also inaccurate: there are too many. I entirely neglected to count them as I was drawing, and by the time I’d realised, it was too late. Here’s hoping future attempts will be better.