Old Tollcross, Edinburgh – Ink Brush Pens with some watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

Ever one to experiment I tried using Pitt Artists’ Pens for most of this. Although its not that great there does seem to be some future for this sort of medium.

The scene is captured from a photo, taken in 1969. Things have hardly changed except the style and number of vehicles. The lorry, on the right, is delivering coal. I’m assuming that was still the way folks heated their houses but look at the height of the tenement buildings. Some poor coalman would have to heave the bags, normally weighing a hundredweight (112 1bs) up three or four flights of stairs. A hard way to earn a living. In the 1970s and 1980′s this whole area was re designated with one way traffic systems. Although its possible to drive through here now, its still baffling and is still reckoned to be the last line in defence against invading armies – no foreign power could ever get through the traffic.