Fourth Hole, Carrick Knowe Golf Course:Edinburgh -Watercolour and Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

Having just missed my first hole in one, at the previous hole, I smashed a huge tee shot well over the two small trees in the distance. Since the green is hidden, away to the left, around the corner I thought I had used up my good luck.

Years ago, I used to shoot in the 70′s and have been trying to repeat this all summer. I said to Margaret, some time ago, that I would die happy if I could score as before and get a hole in one.

Instead of the usual 7 or 8 iron played from around the corner, I was so far off line I needed a 3 wood. This ran for miles and made the green. I then proceeded to hole the putt. It was then I remembered what I had wished for and thought I was tempting fate. Not to worry. My usual level of incompetence ensured that I am still here. I had started really well – but finished in a blaze of rubbish.