Near Aberlady Nature Reserve, East Lothian – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

This flat sandy area lies to the East of Edinburgh. The background shows the distant shores of Fife across the Firth of Forth while the headland, on the right, is where the famous Gullane golf courses are. Just beyond these lies the Muirfield Golf Course which is home to the “Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers” where the Open is sometime played.

I was speaking to a friend, recently, who has suffered from back pain. I told her about the large concrete blocks which litter this area and mentioned that my mother had fallen against one, in 1942 and injured her back. She suffered from back trouble from then on. You understand I was trying to cheer my friend up, nice guy that I am. These blocks, measuring about 8ft-10ft each way, were scattered along this coastline to deter enemy landing craft. This must have constituted a huge effort. Many of these obstacles are still with us and have become part of the local scenery, reminding us of those dark days. My painting shows just three of them.