Cornfield, Late evening – Watercolour and Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

A late evening stroll saw the sun begin to disappear, low behind the horizon. Its definitely getting darker much earlier in these parts. The local farms are working overtime to get the cereal crops harvested as the recent rains have delayed things. At least the weather is forecast to be a wee bit more settled for the coming week. When I walked past this spot the next day the corn had been cut, all the nice red poppies lost and the bales of hay rolled up and carried off for the winter feed. Now I know the pleasant days of Autumn are upon us and winter cannot be far behind.

The bad news is this is the last page in my second A4 Moleskine for this year. I managed to fill the first one with snowy scenes but this one has been more varied. The good news is – I’ve got another one to inflict on you all.