Things found while walking #2 – Watercolour in a small Watercolour Moleskine

This true story should perhaps be entitled “Never joke with schoolchildren – even in a macabre way”

Some years ago a group of schoolchildren were exploring the Union Canal, near where I stay, Their task was to collect specimens of insects, flowers and amphibians to study in the school’s biology classes. One youngster found more than was bargained for when a body was found floating near the canal’s edge.

The police were called and a well established procedure was put in place. Details of the people there were taken as were statements from everybody. After this lengthy episode was finished one of the children, who was a bit upset, asked the officer, “What happens next?” Trying to introduce some levity into the situation, the officer replied, “If no one claims the body within three months – its yours”. Wrong answer! Now they had mass hysteria on their hands.