Things found while walking #1 – Watercolour in a small Watercolour Moleskine

The Pentland hills lie to the south of Edinburgh. They are used mainly for hill farming and recreation these days but, during WW2 they were off limits to the general public because they were used for training troops. After the end of the war there were many who protested that the hills be opened up again and access was gradually allowed. The main concern was that large amounts of ordnance could be found in odd places and anyone, in the 1950,s an 60′s was asked to keep a careful watch for anything untoward.

This story is from one of the older teachers who taught in my first school. He told me of the day he and a couple of colleagues took a party of 13 year old into the hills for a field trip. The students were told not to pick up anything they found and all seemed to go well for a hour or so, Then, one boy lifted this object high above his head and shouted, “Please sir! Look what I’ve found!” In true heroic fashion the teacher led the students in a fast exit from the scene leaving one bewildered laddie behind, alone with his prize. When the party was safely behind some rocks they shouted that the grenade be CAREFULLY placed on the ground and the remaining student asked to quietly join the rest of the group. Afterwards, my colleague ruefully said he should have told the boy to bang the thing off the ground for disobeying the teachers’ instructions.