Can’t Live Without It

I was stuck in traffic after dropping my husband off at the airport today and used the time standing still to sketch my pocket knife. My father gave me this knife somewhere around ten years ago (not sure exactly how many) and I carry it with me just about everywhere (except through airports, of course). Over the years this little friend ha helped me with all of manner of different things. Off the top of my head, some of these are: opening beer bottles, prying a very small copper gasket out of a conflat flange (how the tip got broken), cutting open and removing pits from avocados, pulling corks out of wine bottles, punching holes in potatoes for campfire cooking, cutting and stripping wires, removing and replacing screws, as well as opening all manner of boxes and packaging. There are plenty of days I don’t need my pocket knife, but it’s always nice to have it around when I do.