Ok, finally some sketches near and around downtown Houston. This is from a recent bike trip on the Buffalo Bayou. Theres trails all down the bayou. A lot of ups and downs. I caught this guy walking across the bridge just in time to lay in the first colors. For my blacks I like to use French Ultramarine and Burnt Umber. I started my bike trip at Memorial Park and went all the way downtown. Its about a 8 mile loop. I eventually made two trips just to get more sketches in and explore and have a blast down the trails. I spoted a fellow sketcher sketching a scene from under a bridge, he even had a tripod setup to do his sketches, though I didn’t stick around to see what he did I was off to do my own. Later I returned to see what he was sketching but he was no longer there so I did my version, I’ll post it later.