Dragonfly – Acrylic/Ink in a small Watercolour Moleskine

Continuing with different transparent background washes of acrylic paint.

There are many different types of dragonflies in the UK. Related to these are the Damselflies,Mayflies, Stoneflies and Lacewings. Insects, such as Lacewings are to be encouraged in the garden as they feed on many different types of aphids. Insect boxes or insect refuges made from piles of drinking straws, are a good way to allow them to overwinter in out of the way corners. The drawing shown is a “Hawker” which gets its name from its habit of hovering, like a hawk, about a specific piece of territory. This one is a “Blue Aeshna” which has a wingspan of just over three inches and is only found in Scotland. They, typically, live near stretches of water – there are many, at this time of year near Linlithgow Loch next to the palace where Mary Queen of Scots was born. I wonder if she marvelled at the beauty of these alarming looking, but completely harmless creatures? The biggest UK dragonfly is the “Emperor” whose wings span over four inches. They are fascinating things to watch and can startle the unwary with the noise from their four wings.