Now Rosy May comes in wi’ Flowers – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

Marvelling at the way everything has burst into deep hues of green, I decided to try to capture the mod in nearby woods. I always delight in wandering through densely leafed woodlands when the sheer “weight” of greenery causes a stillness only being broken by birdsong. Its then I realise that the long winter months are a sort of “test” making us appreciate this time of year more. Here is what our National Bard, Robert Burns, wrote about the month of May

Now rosy May comes in wi’ flowers
To deck her gay, green-spreading bowers;
And now comes in the happy hours
To wander wi’ my Davie.

The whole song, with a translation, appears at this link.

I decided to convert this “Sketch” into a full-sized painting to hang in my wee studio so I can look at it in the dark, dreary day. Not too sure if I will finish it but here is how far it has got so far.

Now Rosy May comes in wi' Flowers