Edinburgh Castle in Winter – Ink and Silverpoint in a Watercolour Moleskine

Still investigating this technique. The surface was primed with a special “ground”, namely “Golden – Silverpoint Drawing Ground” which is great for producing a surface to take the metal stylus. I’ve used the Silverpoint lines to try to get fine detail while the ink shadows are designed to contrast heavily with them. I still have a whiles to go but I think I’m getting there.

Edinburgh Castle is built on a volcanic plug/ridge which runs all the way to North Berwick about 20 miles away. This view shows part of Prince’s Street Gardens at the base of the rocks. In days gone by there was a stretch of water here known as the Nor’ (North) Loch. Every school pupil knows the tale of a group of Scots trying to take the castle, which at the time was held by English soldiers, by climbing up this rock face. One of the incumbent garrison’s guards was said, as a joke, to have leaned over the wall and shouted, “I can see you” which must have terrified the attackers. They lay still for over an hour then successfully took the castle. Unfortunately some people, every year, still try to emulate this feat – usually after a wee refreshment, and the emergency services have to rescue them. Climbing this rock face is NOT encouraged.